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Washington, DC

🌸 Edible Flowers + Spicy Arugula 🍃 Well this was a flavorful salad without any dressing! I was buying a huge bag of the spiciest arugula at the farmers market and in the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of edible flowers 😳 I must admit, I felt kind of bad for some reason munching down on delicate flower petals haha. I’m used to sitting them on the window sill and admiring their beauty ❤️ They had a sweet and floral taste. I think I’ll stick to using them as decoration 😉 http://ift.tt/1t5DrZQ

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl + Raw Banana Bread
I just had a few medjool dates for breakfast today, so a massive bowl of nana ice cream for lunch was in order! The base was just frozen bananas and carob powder blended together, it’s that easy! I also made some low-fat raw banana bread this weekend so I topped this baby off with those delicious bites of nana heaven. 

Lots of healthy low-fat dessert recipes, website and ebook coming very soon! Can’t wait to share all the hard work and finally be able to put everything in one easy to access place for you guys!! Much love!

Avocado Corn Salsa
I grabbed some juicy sweet corn from the farmers market today that inspired me to make a raw salsa for dinner. So simple to make! Sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, fresh cilantro, avocado, garlic and lime juice.

Artisanal Heirloom Tomatoes
Spent the morning at @freshfarmmarkets in dupont circle. I ate a white peach and two nectarines before even leaving the market!

I have been meaning to post a photo of this bag from @thugkitchen 👊 Here’s some of my produce from this week’s haul. Fresh local and organic produce.

Understanding food labels is a matter of life and disease. I used to eat “Healthy Choice” and “Lean Cuisine” frozen dinners like it was my JOB, buying 10 at a time if they were on sale. Ditch the labels, they’re are misleading! Do you know what “Natural” really means? In the US it just means minimally processed and does not reflect how animals were raised or fed. Conventional meat, dairy and eggs labeled “Natural” still contain antibiotics, animal by products, pesticides and sewage sludge just to name a few. Educate yourself even if the facts are hard to swallow (literally). On that note, I just started “Earthlings” it’s free online on the website. It’s time to face reality.

I seriously upgraded my fruit platter with these cute lil guys! They’re a small variety of kiwi with smooth, fuzz-free edible skin. I’ve been popping them like grapes!

So I just spent my Friday night watching ‘Fresh’ on Netflix. 🍎 I love food documentaries! They were a big motivation for me to start my vegan journey ❤️ Do you have any favorites to recommend? I’m always looking to learn more and be inspired ✨ http://ift.tt/YHvEXc

Mint Matcha + Strawberries n Cream
I can’t imagine life without nana ice cream in it! So simple and versatile that I never get sick of having it practically every day. Today’s flavors were made with fresh mint, matcha powder, strawberries, vanilla and the base was frozen bananas, all topped with cacao nibs, kiwi, coconut flakes and fresh strawberries. Oh, and a side of mango… man, I love food! REAL, fresh, natural, raw living food!!!!!

Massaged Kale + Mango
Here’s a look at what’s been going down for dinner this week! Lots of mangoes, kale, limes and zoodles. I find “massaged” kale to be one of my favorite ways to get my greens in, usually in fresh lime juice! Sprinkle a little nutritional yeast over your lime covered kale… YUM! Sometimes I don’t feel like cleaning my blender so fresh lemons and limes are my best friends. Just some staples I recommend to keep around on a raw food diet especially now that they are on sale! The lime shortage this summer was killing me!

Pitaya Smoothie Love
Can’t go wrong with a pink smoothie bowl! Pitaya + bananas + coconut water = cotton candy! I had a bunch of coconut water ice cubes that I threw in my vitamix with 1 frozen pitaya and 5 frozen bananas!! SO simple!

Plant Power!
I spend 90% of my time in the produce section and the rest in the bulk section for dried fruits, nuts and spices. Makes for a quick and easy trip to the grocery store!

Gameday Fruit Platter!
It’s college gameday here in the states, and well, for most people that also means cheat day. There’s usually a spread of high fat processed foods that are a nightmare for your body to process. Fill your party platters with fresh ripe fruits, the ultimate finger food! #GOHOKIES!

Raw Fudge Brownie Pie
Fresh fruit, coconut flakes and cacao nibs on a raw brownie fudge pie crust and a homemade caramel sauce. I guess you could say I like to play with my food!! Recipe will be up on my website when it’s ready (I’m thinking def by the end of this month). I’m realizing now how difficult it is to build a website from scratch but it’s a great learning experience and I love the challenge.

Chocolate Fudge + Caramel Swirl Nana Ice Cream
Everything is 100% homemade with low fat raw vegan ingredients! Just blend frozen bananas in a high speed blender or food processor… add in my raw fudge brownie bites (recipe in my feed and on Facebook page) and caramel sauce (recipe in comments)

It’s been so hot and humid here that ice cream jars melt within seconds of being outside! Looking forward to a nice fall breeze next month!

Little Hotties
More gorgeous Farmer’s Market gems from today. Sweet banana, cherry bomb and habanero peppers. I’ve noticed that Sriracha has gained alot of popularity lately. It might not be obvious that Sriracha actually contains a significant amount of salt and refined sugar.  Be mindful of the condiments you use and the frequency. In the past, I was definitely guilty of using store bought condiments for practically every meal (mustard, ketchup, dressings, etc)  Little did I realize I was taking small doses of artificial coloring, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup…. on a DAILY basis! Everything adds up eventually so chuck those bottles of poison and make your own sauces!

Feelin’ Peachy 🍑🍑🍑
I’m in training this week in downtown DC and 3 blocks down the street I found a local farmers market!! These peaches were pure BLISS about 1/2 a pound each 😳 and every bite was dripping with life! I had 4 for lunch, I’m so full but very satisfied, I could’ve stopped at 3 but they were just so perfectly ripe and juicy👌 http://ift.tt/1ptAEn2