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Sorry for my lack of posts! I’ve had very limited wifi here in Greece ⚓ I wanted to give a little update! I’m going to feature my 20k Shoutout winners when I return home from my trip because I want to be able to look through all of the accounts that have entered 💕 Huge thanks to everyone who has entered so far, I really appreciate the love and support!! and if you haven’t entered yet, here are the details👇 ✨Repost one of my photos, tag @raw_manda and #rawmanda20k in the original caption
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I welcome all types of accounts to enter!!! I’m looking for inspiration, creativity and passion for health! 😘 http://ift.tt/1ojpeqj

Fresh Fruit Stands ❤️💕🍋
I’ve had a blast in Istanbul! Lots of fresh fruits everywhere, these stands were all over Taksim Square where we stayed 😍 I’ve had so many different varieties of ooey gooey dates here too!! I’m heading to Mykonos now! 👙 Don’t forget to enter my Shoutout Competiton #rawmanda20K, check out my previous posts for details!! 😘 http://ift.tt/1yPALRu

Don’t forget to enter my 20K Shoutout Contest🎉
✨Repost one of my photos, tag @raw_manda and #rawmanda20k in the original caption
✨Let me know why you’re following me!

I welcome all types of accounts to enter!!! I’m looking for inspiration, creativity and passion for health! 😘 I’ll start the features this week! 💕🙏 http://ift.tt/1wM5L1N

fruits galore!!!! abundance on every street corner in Istanbul! 💕 can’t wait do share my fruity photos with you guys tomorrow!🙏👯 here’s a look at one of my “last” nana ice creams before my vacation 😁😍 pitaya (dragon fruit) and matcha ❤️ http://ift.tt/1jHlHSu

🍚 Raw Cilantro Rice + Creamy Tomato Sauce 🍅 So unlike me to make savory raw dish, right!? If you’re craving salt on a raw lifestyle or just any diet really, try snacking on or incorporating sun dried tomatoes 😍 Just make sure the ingredients list ONLY tomatoes and no added nasty stuff! ☝️🍅 I’m heading to Istanbul tonight so I’m not going to be as active on IG while traveling and that’s also why I’d love for you to enter my ✨20K Shoutout Contest✨!! So I can feature my beautiful followers!! Check out my previous post for details! 😘 Recipe in comments!! http://ift.tt/1ngDtgd

20,000 Followers on Instagram!! Unreal! 😍 Thank you all so so much for inspiring and motivating me to keep this account going. It’s a rewarding experience to be able to connect with thousands of people across the world by posting about my journey to health & happiness!! I’m so thankful to have you all in my life! I could have never imagined finding a place like this, so full of support and encouragement. To celebrate 20K and spread the LOVE, I’m holding a contest so I can share your amazing accounts on my page!

20K Shoutout Contest
Repost one of my photos, tag @raw_manda and #rawmanda20k in the original caption! Let me know why you’re following me!
I welcome all types of accounts to enter!!! I’m looking for inspiration, creativity and passion for health! I’ll start the features next week!

Raw Cinnamon Rolls + Coconut Icing
You guessed it! Raw, vegan, low fat, gluten and nut free!!! I also don’t use liquid sweeteners like maple syrup, agave and coconut nectar… So, yes it’s a simple recipe like ALL my recipes, because thats how I’m able to eat and enjoy food in abundance. For those of you looking for a dessert that’s not as sweet this one is for you! I didn’t use dates although you definitely could to sweeten it up ☺️ I’ve only made these once so I’d appreciate any feedback! I had great reviews, but I’m curious about what you think!! Recipe will be on my Facebook page!

Banana Ice Cream + Fresh Fruit Toppings
Eating rich creamy soft serve ice cream every day is the best 😍 Just blending up 7 frozen bananas for a meal is so normal to me now! I feel so silly when I look back on the days I used to think one banana was fattening We’ve made our food so complex that people fear the simple carbs in fruit and find comfort in processed foods loaded with refined sugars and artificial flavors! (It’s not a coincidence that the more complicated our diets have become, the more complicated our health problems have become too).

My taste buds have changed so much in the past few months transitioning to a raw diet, I’m enjoying (and discovering) more and more fruits and veggies that I never cared for previously. My cravings for anything processed are pretty much gone. Thats so crazy to think about because I used to eat something processed for every meal just 4 short months ago!!! So even if you weren’t able to participate in #5daysofraw - set challenges for yourself whenever can, you will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!! 

Sweet Cilantro Dressing
Spiralized zucchinis, spinach, red kale, cilantro, grapes, rainier cherries and almonds with a simple sweet cilantro dressing (cilantro, coconut water, garlic, lemon juice, dates). I often peel my zucchinis first and throw the peel into my dressings or just munch on them!! So my power went out last night and I was sitting there thinking about what I should prepare for dinner. It felt amazing to know everything I wanted was ready-to-eat. Although I like to spiralize and get fancy with my meals sometimes, you can still bite into it all in it’s natural, raw living state. So in a world without electricity, microwaves, etc I would still be eating the same food! Doesn’t that just make so much sense?! I would just need to build some kind of blender out of sticks and stones for my dressings and smoothies (my first concern was actually my frozen bananas, luckily the power came back on)… ok I’m rambling now ☺️ 

Fruit!!! Sweet, succulent and refreshing blueberries, cherries, grapes, strawberries and blackberries!! I love summer for so many reasons but summer fruit has got to be at the top of the list! I mean, rainier cherries are freakin amazing!! Don’t get me wrong, figs are still my favorite but they didn’t have any :( What’s your favorite summer fruit?!

Rainbow Smoothie Bowl
I love making these yummy bowls of nana ice cream when I’m stocked up on fruits for the week! After buying so many bananas in bulk the past few weeks, my freezer is packed full of frozen ripe bananas ready to be blended up. Dragon fruit and bananas make one of my absolute favorite combinations not only for the gorgeous pink color but also yummy taste that reminds me of bubble gum! mmmm mmmm! You can find pitaya smoothie recipes on my Instagram! xx

Market Haul
Hope you all are having a wonderful day ☺️ Here’s a look at a majority of the food that I bought for the next 5-6 days (a few items not pictured). I would estimate that I spend an average of $15-20 a day on all organic produce which covers meals and snacks. I normally go for the fruits/veggies on sale, grab some of my staple items and throw in as many new things as I can! If you’re looking to keep costs down google “dirty dozen” for a list of the most contaminated produce to help you prioritize your organic purchases! I picked up some extra dried fruits since I’ll be traveling this week 😁 Dried turkish figs, dates and mulberries are the perfect snack when I’m on the go. I hope these posts are helpful! Just stay in the produce section and you’ll be good to go!

Pop Quiz! What’s my favorite flavored nana ice cream? ☺️ I had a wedding to go to tonight, so this is me filling up on 7 bananas beforehand!

Raw Veggie Burritos
Chopped up all my remaining veggies and wrapped them up in raw nori sheets.  I spiralized my zucchinis and dressed them up in my left over mango basil dressing which was still so good after 3 days in the fridge!! (recipe in earlier post) ☺️ Next time I’m going to double up on the nori sheets, as some of my burritos busted open.